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The greatest expressions of art are those which transcend the barriers of time and delve  into the unlimited depth of  our true nature. Thus, the loving essence of spirit draws inspiration on the canvas of the soul.  It reaches past the depths of despair and imprints the seeds of hope, beauty, and  peace.  It nourishes the  spirit of family unity, kinship, strength and home.We are after all loving creations of our creator. To be lovenly creative is to honor ourselves, our elders and the great spirit.

I am reminded by this quote of  Louis Reil "My people shall sleep for a Hundred years and when they awake again it will be the artists that give them their spirit back.".

The spirit of our ancestors speak and we need to listen with the ear of our hearts.  Feel with the eyes of our souls and awaken  to the root of our spirits.  Its time to awaken and reclaim our Metis culture.

Metis Artist Woman~Laura-Ann Le Claire 


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