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Tansi, and Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy your visit and my evolving art.


I was born in Brandon MB but spent most of my childhood in Saskatchewan. I have family ties all across Canada and into the United States. However, most of my immediate family members still reside in the prarie provinces. I married and moved to England UK but returned to Canada in 2006. I now reside in Calgary AB.


 I have always had a love for everything artsy and made a conscious decision to follow my true passion. I began in early 2007 with simple acrylics on canvas. It has since then evolved to a deep love of Mixed Media and Assemblange pieces. I love painting with delicious vibrant  colors and deep rich textures. Often, I may be found experimenting with new and unusual techniques. I am self-taught and love the creative outlet.


" the texture in my art is like reading braille, each painting shares its story" lleclaire 


I was encouraged to draw and paint by my Uncle Clarence, Metis leader and visionary of the Clarence Campeau Economic Development Fund of Saskatchewan. He would often visit and on those occassions I never failed to have him drawing a picture. He was a very talented artist but I do not believe many were aware of his artistic talent.




My future planned works will focus on the area of Batoche, metis culture, our people, nature and many more.